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TcheLinux SantaCruz 2017 - Santa Cruz do Zul/RS - Brazil


May 27th, 2017

Event Description

This Event will be a great opportunity to introduce the use and knowledge of Fedora to all students and general public. We expect to see 300 to 400 people attending the event.

Below you can find more information about the event.

  • Number of days: 1 day
  • Number of hours per day: 8 hours (starting at 9h, finishing at 17h)
  • Number of people expected: about 400


  • Av. Independência, 2293
  • City / State: Santa Cruz do Sul / Rio Grande do Sul
  • Country: Brazil

Fedora Representation

Fedora Talks

Title Speaker(s) Room hour
Virtualização para Usuários com Virt-Manager Daniel Lara Sala 1 14:00