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Telegram is a popular multi-platform messaging tool used by some members of the Fedora community for sync chat and updates.

This page aims to list all Fedora groups and channels, including country-specific localized ones.


Channel Description Link
Fedora Project News This channel is for official news relating to the Fedora Project. News is relayed by Fedora sources.


Group Description Mirrored IRC channel Link
Fedora A group chat for Fedora users. Please use English. #fedora-telegram@freenode
Fedora Albania A group chat for Fedora users from Albania
Fedora Brasil Grupo de Utilizadores e Colaboradores do Projeto Fedora.
Brazil Translation Team Grupo Brasileiro de tradução do Fedora.
Fedora Deutschland Group chat for German speaking and Germany inhabitants
Fedora España Hablamos sobre Fedora. Todos son bienvenidos, pero habla en castellano, por favor.
Fedora India A group chat for Fedora contributors from India.
Russian Fedora AГрупповой чат русскоязычных поклонников дистрибутива Fedora.
Fedora LATAM Grupo Nuevo y Publico de Fedora LATAM #fedora-latam@freenode