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= Revision history =
= Revision history =
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{{{history|Detail key dates with respect to this document. Including it's creation date and significant updates since then.}}}
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| Date || Revision || Comment
| @DATE@ || 0.1 || Initial version
= Introduction =
= Introduction =
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[[Category:QA Templates]]
[[Category:QA Templates]]

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Template documentation [edit]
This documentation is transcluded from Template:QA/Test Plan/doc. It will not be transcluded on pages that use this template.

Copy this into your article and leave those sections blank that you don't need.



[edit] Revision history

Detail key dates with respect to this document. Including it's creation date and significant updates since then.

[edit] Introduction

Brief description of this document.

  • The goals of this plan are to:
  • Organize the test effort
  • Communicate the strategy, scope and priorities of the planned tests to all relevant stake-holders for their input and approval
  • Serve as a base for the test planning for future Fedora releases

[edit] Test Strategy

Describe how the testing will be organized and executed. Is there any special order or sequence to perform actions.

[edit] Test Priority

Often used to outline tiers of tests arranged from most important (tier#1) to infrequently used tests (tier#3).

[edit] Scope

What will and won't be tested.

[edit] Test Pass/Fail Criteria

When do you consider testing completed or stopped? How do you know when to stop?

[edit] Test Deliverables

Describe what the consumables will be from testing. Examples include:

  • This test plan
  • A test summary document for each major milestone
  • A list of defects filed
  • Any test scripts used for automation or verification

[edit] Test Cases

Using the level of detail required by this test plan, outline test areas and test cases to be exercised.

[edit] Test Environment

Describe the environment tests will be executed in

[edit] Responsibilities

High-level detail of who is accountable for different phases of testing.

[edit] Schedule

Outline the scheduled milestones.

[edit] Risks

Given the current scope and test priority, what are some potential risks. Are there any other contingencies should problems arrise? How will issues be dealt with when they surface.

[edit] Reviewers

[edit] References