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[[Category:Test Days]] [[Category:Fedora 11 Test Days]]
[[Category:Test Days]] [[Category:Fedora 11 Test Days]]

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Tue April 14, 2009 All day #fedora-qa)

What to test?

Today's installment of Fedora Test Day will revisit:

Who's available

The following cast of characters will be available for testing, workarounds, bug fixes, and general discussion ...

What's needed to test

Required for testing:

Optional but recommended for testing:

  • FAS Account - you can create an account in 3 minutes if you don't have one. This account lets you make non-anonymous contributions to the Fedora wiki.
  • Your hardware profile uploaded to Smolt according to these instructions
Stop (medium size).png
Rawhide is raw
Rawhide is a development branch of Fedora. While changes to Fedora post-beta are limited, it is advised you back up your data before participating.

How to test?

Update your machine

See the instructions on the Rawhide page on the various ways in which you can install or update to Rawhide. Or:

Live Image

Optionally, you may download a rawhide live image for your architecture. Tips on using a live image are available at FedoraLiveCD.

Architecture MD5SUM
i386 8b80b540016d06a292438d9787ec5c25
x86_64 c3582375fda8c0103a77e6a1c482e56a

Latest syslinux package?
Creating a LiveUSB of this rawhide image requires the latest version of syslinux, which is currently available in Rawhide and in the latest Windows liveusb-creator. Users of F10 and below can upgrade to the latest syslinux package using
yum --enablerepo=rawhide update syslinux


The following test cases are designed to stress the installer auto-partitioning:

The following test cases validate different software raid scenarios:

Got updates?
All testing should be performed using a Anaconda/Updates. To benefit from test day fixes, you must provide the following boot argument:

Report your results

  • If you experience any unexpected outcomes or failures while executing any of the tests, report a bug to Bugzilla. If you are unsure about exactly how to file the report, just ask on IRC and we will help you.
  • Once you have completed the tests, add your results to the Results table below.
    • The first column should be your name with a link to your User page in the Wiki if you have one, typically in the format [[User:FasName]]
    • The second should be a link to your Smolt hardware profile (see #What.27s_needed_to_test for details)
    • For each test case, refer to the test case instructions for details
    • Finally, the last column is available for any general comments or concerns


Please record autopart test results in the table below:

User Smolt Profile autopart autopart encrypt autopart shrink autopart freespace dmraid iSCSI Comments
Michal Nowak HW PASS PASS ---- ---- N/A N/A
  • running rawhide-20090407 -- recent trees are not installable for me due to several--reported already--bugs
  • so wide "Enter password dialog"
  • while entering password the screen ugly blinks
  • mouse pointer is set to "busy" when on GRUB screen -> "Back" -> "Continue" until next screen
James Laska KVM virtio guest PASS [1] PASS [2]

FAIL [3]

  1. Updates image required
  2. Updates image required
  3. 495785 - LVMError: lvcreate failed for vg_brutus/lv_swap
  4. 493219 - mixing disks from previous installs fails

Other bugs found:

  • 495708 - TypeError: argument 2 must be string, not None
  • 495713 - while reinitializing an empty disk
  • 491700 - while trying to SaveToBugzilla
James Laska IBM Power5 FAIL
  • 491754 - DeviceError: cannot commit to disk sda after 5 attempts
Andreas Thienemann HW PASS FAIL [1]
  1. 493575 - Off by one error calculating free extents
Andy Lindeberg PASS [1] FAIL
  1. 495708 - TypeError: argument 2 must be string, not None
G.Wolfe Woodbury HW FAIL N/A N/A N/A N/A FAIL
  • Failure setting "Root Password" after install - can't BZ due to lockup in exception finding storage devices
User Smolt Profile autopart autopart+encrypt autopart shrink autopart freespace dmraid iSCSI Comments

Any RAID test results can be noted in the following table:

User Smolt Profile RAID0 RAID1 RAID5 RAID6 RAID on LVM RAID on RAID Comments
Bruno Wolff None Yet N/A PASS [1] [2] N/A N/A N/A N/A
  1. 495288 - AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get_active'
  2. 495608 - Traceback while doing custom layout install with raid and encryption
With anaconda I was able to install with a custom layout using encryption on top of raid 1.
James Laska
Messerting HW N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Fedora-11-Snap1-x86_64-Live-KDE on Asus P5E-VM HDMI. Tried Custom Layout, but hit bz 495582 when I tried to keep my /home and reformat swap and "/". That left the two latter empty/uninitialized, so my second attempt resulted in bz 495584 (-> bz 495288). I then booted the live cd again, downloaded and update anaconda- from koji, and tried again and hit bz 495665.
User Smolt Profile RAID0 RAID1 RAID5 RAID6 RAID on LVM RAID on RAID Comments