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2010-02-25 All day #fedora-test-day (webirc)

What to test?

This test day will focus on Features/YumLangpackPlugin, a yum plugin that allows langpacks to be automatically installed for your native language when base packages with langpacks get installed.

Who's available

The following cast of characters will be available testing, workarounds, bug fixes, and general discussion ...

Prerequisite for Test Day

  • Bare metal or Virtual machine.
  • Network connection.

How to test?

Prepare Your System

Test Cases

The following test requires Fedora 13 installation to test langpack default install. Note that testing in a virtual machine is accepted.

The following tests can be executed on an existing Fedora 12 or newer system.

Test Results

Using your own test scenarios, or any of the test cases listed above, please outline problems/failures you encounter using the table below.

Tester local language install Yum Application PackageKit Application Bug references
User:Example PASS FAIL




  1. RHBZ #12345
  2. langpack is disabled when switch to zh_CN language environment.
User:Rhe PASS [1] FAIL [2] PASS
  1. Tested by installing f13 alpha RC3 i386 in zh_CN language.
  2. RHBZ #569352
User:kparal -- FAIL [1] FAIL [2]
  1. RHBZ #568361
  2. RHBZ #568379
User:jlaska FAIL [1]
  1. Installed F-13-Alpha-RC3-i386 with lang ja_JP. Installing eclipse and koffice-suite does not offer appropriate eclipse-nls-ja or koffice-langpack-ja package
User:liam N/A [1] PASS [2] PASS [3]
  1. Tested on F12,ignore this case
  2. Tested on F12-Chinese,pass
  3. Tested on F12-Chinese,pass
User:wangcong -- -- PASS [1]
  1. Tested on F12-Chinese, I can see koffice-suites will have Chinese lang pack after this plugin is installed. Pass
dramsey PASS [1] [2] PASS [3] PASS [4]