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| <references/>
| <references/>
| [[User:FIXME]]
| [[User:jamesni|James Ni]]
| <!-- Smolt profile -->
| <!-- Smolt profile -->
| {{result|none}}
| {{result|fail|jamesni}}<ref>failed with preupgrade-1.1.6-1.fc13, adds extra spaces to grub.conf{{bz|592345}}, anaconda can't find install.img{{bz|624971}}
| {{result|none}}
| {{result|none}}
| {{result|none}}
| {{result|none}}

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2010-09-02 All day #fedora-test-day (webirc)


What to test?

Today's installation of Fedora Test Day will focus on Preupgrade

Who's available

The following cast of characters will be available testing, workarounds, bug fixes, and general discussion ...

Prerequisite for Test Day

# yum install koji
# koji download-build preupgrade-1.1.6-1.fc13
# yum localupdate preupgrade-1.1.6-1.fc13.noarch.rpm --nogpgcheck
  • Package-x-generic-16.pngpython-urlgrabber
    • F-12: python-urlgrabber-3.9.1-4.2.fc12.noarch
    • F-13: The newest version is python-urlgrabber-3.9.1-7.fc13, install it by:
# su -c 'yum --enablerepo=updates-testing update python-urlgrabber -y'

How to test?

Follow the test cases below to preupgrade your existing fedora 12 or 13 system.

Test Cases

Test Results

If you have problems with any of the tests, report a bug to Bugzilla usually for the component preupgrade. If you are unsure about exactly how to file the report or what information to include, just ask on IRC and we will help you. Once you have completed the tests, add your results to the Results table below, following the example results from the first line as a template. The first column should be your name with a link to your User page in the Wiki if you have one, and the second should describe the hardware (monitor, and optionally printer, scanner and colorimeter) you used to test. For each test case, if your system worked correctly, simply enter the word {{result|pass}}. If you had trouble, enter the word {{result|warn}}<ref>xxx</ref> or {{result|fail|bug number}}, with a footnote indicator, and put a link to the bug report in the References column (as in the example line). For tests you could not perform, enter a dash.

User Smolt Profile preupgrade preupgrade older release preupgrade-cli References
User:Example HW
Pass pass
Warning warn [1]
Fail fail
  1. RHBZ #12345
  2. See RHBZ #12345
apetz []
Warning warn
  1. See RHBZ #629245
He Rui virt-guest
Fail fail rhe
  1. failed with preupgrade-1.1.4-1.fc13, anaconda can't find install.img RHBZ #624971
Fail fail newgle1 [1]
  1. RHBZ #629245
James Ni
Fail fail jamesni

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