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Thursday April 14, 2011 All day #fedora-test-day (webchat)

What to test?[edit]

This part of today's Fedora Test Day will focus on testing Spice, and especially its support in virt-manager.

Spice has been available since f14. But it was not easy to set up a VM. It was our goal to make it easier to use and to manage Spice VM with F15 using virt-manager.

If you come to this page after the test day is completed, your testing is still valuable, and you can use the information on this page to test Spice and provide feedback.

Who's available[edit]

Marc-André Lureau is your host for today.

The following people have also agreed to be available for testing, workarounds, bug fixes, and general discussion:

What's needed to test[edit]

  • A fully updated Fedora 15 testing machine. See instructions on the main test day page.
  • virt-manager and spice-gtk-python installed.
  • vinagre

Test Cases[edit]

Issues that were identified[edit]

Tester Description Bug references Status