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Fedora Test Days
OpenStack Test Day

Date 2011-10-20
Time all day

Website QA/Fedora_16_test_days
IRC #fedora-test-day (webirc)
Mailing list cloud

Can't make the date?
If you come to this page before or after the test day is completed, your testing is still valuable, and you can use the information on this page to test, file any bugs you find at Bugzilla, and add your results to the results section. If this page is more than a month old when you arrive here, please check the current schedule and see if a similar but more recent Test Day is planned or has already happened.

What to test?

Today's instalment of Fedora Test Day is a Cloud SIG Test Day. This page tracks the tests specifically focused on OpenStack.

Who's available

The following cast of characters will be available testing, workarounds, bug fixes, and general discussion ...

Prerequisite for Test Day

  • A fully updated Fedora 16 machine.
  • Hardware virtualization support (e.g. Intel VT or AMD-V).
  • Up to 10-20Gb free disk space. Guest images take up a lot of space.

How to test?

Follow the steps below to prepare the machine, then follow each of the test cases in order.

Configure sudo

Add your account to sudoers e.g.

 $> sudoedit /etc/sudoers

Update your machine

Make sure you have all the current updates for it installed:

 $> sudo yum update --enablerepo=updates-testing -y

Enable RabbitMQ

$> sudo yum install --enablerepo=updates-testing -y rabbitmq-server
$> sudo service rabbitmq-server start
$> sudo chkconfig rabbitmq-server on

Enable libvirt

$> sudo yum install --enablerepo=updates-testing -y @virtualization
$> sudo service libvirtd start
$> sudo chkconfig libvirtd on

Disable SELinux

Until we have SELinux policy for Nova:

$> setenforce 0

Create a nova-volumes VG

Nova expects an LVM volume group called nova-volumes. One way of creating this is:

$> sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/var/lib/nova/nova-volumes.img bs=1M seek=20k count=0
$> sudo vgcreate nova-volumes $(sudo losetup --show -f /var/lib/nova/nova-volumes.img)

Create a novacreds Directory

You will need to store your Nova credentials somewhere, so e.g.

$> mkdir ~/novacreds

Test Cases

When ready, follow the instructions provided in each of the test cases:

Test Results

If you have problems with any of the tests, report a bug to Bugzilla usually for one of the openstack-nova, openstack-glance, openstack-keystone or openstack-swift components. If you are unsure about exactly how to file the report or what other information to include, just ask on IRC and we will help you. Once you have completed the tests, add your results to the Results table below, following the example results from the first line as a template. The first column should be your name with a link to your User page in the Wiki if you have one. For each test case, use the result template to enter your result, as shown in the example result line.

User Foo Bar Foo Bar Foo Bar Foo Bar References
Sample User
Pass pass
Warning warn
Fail fail
  1. Test pass, but also encountered RHBZ #54321
  2. RHBZ #12345