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| name = Fedora Test Days
| image = [[File:Echo-testing-48px.png|link=QA/Fedora_17_test_days]]
| caption = Power Management
| date = 2012-04-04
| time = all day
| website = [[QA/Fedora_17_test_days]]
| irc = [irc:// #fedora-test-day] ([ webirc])
| fedora_mailing_list = test
{{admon/note | Can't make the date? | If you come to this page after the test day is completed, your testing is still valuable, and you can use the information on this page to test, file any bugs you find at [ Bugzilla], and add your results to the results section. If this page is more than a month old when you arrive here, please check the [[QA/Test_Days|current schedule]] and see if a similar but more recent Test Day is planned or has already happened.}}
{{admon/note | On site event | You can attend this event online or personally:}}
== What to test? ==
Today's instalment of Fedora Test Day will focus on [[SIGs/PowerManagement|'''Power Management''']]
== Who's available ==
The following cast of characters will be available for testing, workarounds, bug fixes, and general discussion ...
* Development - [[User:jskarvad|Jaroslav Škarvada]] (jskarvad) / [[SIGs/PowerManagement|PowerManagement SIG]]
* Quality Assurance - [[User:jscotka|Jan Ščotka]] (jscotka)
Note: jskarvad will be available at least during 10:00 - 22:00 (UTC+2) on #fedora-test-day, #fedora-power, #fedora-devel, otherwise he will be on e-mail with non guaranteed response time. He will be also available on site in Red Hat Brno Office at least during 13:00 - 19:00.
== Prerequisite for Test Day ==
* [ PM Test Day LiveCD 20120404-1-i686] (md5sum:72f4d13fe18f7fc8ce7ba4d8f6fdc85d) or [ PM Test Day LiveCD 20120404-1-x86_64] (md5sum:16cac224a03a4467756360cedf6d655f) or an updated [ Fedora 17 pre-release] or you may get nightly composed [ LiveCD].
** It is possible to convert the LiveCD into LiveUSB by following the [[How_to_create_and_use_Live_USB]] instructions. If you convert the LiveCD into LiveUSB it is recommended to create on USB another primary partition that will serve as swap. This is useful for [[QA:Testcase_Power_Management_pm_hibernate|pm-hibernate]] test case.
** If you attend the event on-site in Red Hat Brno office, there will be prepared bootable USB flash disks, thus you only need to bring your hardware there.
* Your hardware profile uploaded to [ Smolt] according to [ these instructions]
* Optional: account on if you plan to upload the pm-utils bugreport file. If you do not have one and you do not plan to get it, you can still attend the test day - there are instructions in the appropriate test case(s) bellow how to handle such situation.
== Typing convetions ==
In the following text commands that needs to be run as root are prefixed by #, e.g.:
# id
means to run ''id'' command under the root account. Commands prefixed by $ do not need to be run under the root account.
== How to test? ==
It is focused especially on suspend, hibernate, power-consumption, LCD brightness control and our new tuned. Some test cases are only for laptop users and it is signalled in test case description field. If you do not have laptop just skip them. You can also skip other test cases (e.g. if you do not have enough time). In this case just leave the columns for skipped test cases blank. Please note that your report will be still valuable even if you do not finish all test cases. The procedure:
* Run test cases bellow.
* Report results to the result table.
=== '''Prepare your system''' ===
{{admon/note|If you are using our PM Test Day LiveCD, please skip the following steps, because everything is already prepared for you.}}
# Install the public key (in case you would like to verify the PM Test Day support package, otherwise you can skip this step because the public key will be installed automatically with the PM Test Day support package in the next step):
#:<pre># rpm --import</pre>
# Install the PM Test Day support package by:
#:<pre># yum install</pre>
#* This procedure will also install the public key which will be then used for verification of packages from the PM Test Day repo.
Finally make sure you have all current updates (and temporal fixes) installed by:
<pre># yum update</pre>
== Known Bugs / Workarounds ==
Currently there is a bug in software rendering used by Gnome 3 that affects several users (mostly on older hardware):
* {{bz|808710}} - llvmpipe driver doesn't render correctly on Dell Inspiron Mini 10
If you are affected by this bug and your desktop graphics is broken, try to switch to gnome-fallback mode by:
** Press Alt + F2
** Write ''gnome-terminal'' and confirm with Enter.
** Run the following commands in the terminal:
**:<pre>$ gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.session session-name 'gnome-fallback'</pre>
**:<pre>$ pkill gnome</pre>
== Test Cases ==
{| class="wikitable sortable"  style="width:100%" border="1"
!style="width:10%"|Approx. time required
| [[QA:Testcase_Power_Management_pm_suspend|pm-suspend]]
| Tests suspend / resume via pm-utils.
| All
| 2 minutes
| [[QA:Testcase_Power_Management_pm_hibernate|pm-hibernate]] 
| Tests hibernate / resume via pm-utils.
| All
| 2 minutes
| [[QA:Testcase_Power_Management_pm_bugreport|pm-bugreport]] 
| Tests pm-utils bug-reporting functionality.
| All
| 2 minutes
| [[QA:Testcase_Power_Management_pm_powersave|pm-powersave]] 
| Tests detection of AC / battery (upower functionality) and pm-powersave reactions to power source changes (pm-utils).
| Laptops
| 1 minutes
| [[QA:Testcase_Power_Management_Lid_Close|Lid close]] 
| Tests system reaction to lid close.
| Laptops
| 1 minutes
| [[QA:Testcase_Power_Management_Backlight_Control|Backlight control]] 
| Tests LCD backlight control.
| Laptops
| 1 minute
| [[QA:Testcase_Power_Management_tuned_basic|Tuned]] 
| Tests tuned-adm (tuned) basic functionality.
| All
| 5 minutes
| [[QA:Testcase_Power_Management_tuned_off_idle|Tuned disabled idle]] 
| Measures power consumption of machine in active idle with tuned disabled.
| Laptops or users with wattmeter
| 15 minutes
| [[QA:Testcase_Power_Management_tuned_powersave_idle|Tuned powersave idle]] 
| Measures power consumption of machine in active idle with tuned laptop-battery-powersave profile.
| Laptops or users with wattmeter
| 15 minutes
== Test Results ==
== Test Results ==

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