Test Day:2012-04-12 Virtualization Test Day-GuestOS

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Fedora 17 will ship with KVM as the default hypervisor, based on the QEMU 1.0 release. The test day will focus on determining what guest operating systems can be successfully installed and run post-install. It will also check whether libguestfs can inspect the initial install media and resulting disl image.



You will need

  • a Fedora 17 x86 baremetal host with Intel VT or AMD SVM virtualization capabilities (We are not interested in testing plain QEMU emulation at this time)
  • Installation ISO images for each guest OS you wish to test
  • 10+ GB free disk space (if disk space is tight, you can delete each guest disk after installation, to make space for the next)

Installing KVM and the virt tools

As root, do:

# yum install libvirt-daemon-kvm virt-manager

After installation, check whether libvirtd is running:

# systemctl status libvirtd.service

If not then start it

# systemctl start libvirtd.service

Basic checks

To make sure that the host is correctly configured to be able to run KVM guests run the libvirt host validation tool as root:

 # virt-host-validate qemu
 QEMU: Checking for hardware virtualization                                 : PASS
 QEMU: Checking for device /dev/kvm                                         : PASS
 QEMU: Checking for device /dev/vhost-net                                   : PASS
 QEMU: Checking for device /dev/net/tun                                     : PASS

If any failures are reported, resolve these before continuing with testing.



If you find bugs, please file them using this link:


For problems installing or booting guests, use the component 'qemu'. For problems inspecting the installation ISOs or disk images, use the component 'libguestfs'. Don't worry too much about getting the component perfect - the maintainers will re-assign bugs if the component is wrong.

IRC and mailing list

During the test day (2012-04-12) we will be on the #fedora-test-day IRC channel. The rest of the time, find us on #virt (on irc.oftc.net). There is also a Fedora virtualization mailing list.