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DNF 3.5.1

Date 2018-10-03
Time all day

Website QA/Test Days
IRC #fedora-test-day (webirc)
Mailing list test

Can't make the date?
If you come to this page before or after the test day is completed, your testing is still valuable, and you can use the information on this page to test, file any bugs you find at Bugzilla, and add your results to the results section. If this page is more than a month old when you arrive here, please check the current schedule and see if a similar but more recent Test Day is planned or has already happened.

What to test?

Today's installment of Fedora Test Day will focus on testing

  1. feedback on modularity
  2. serious regressions to YUM v3
  3. user experience issues (inconsistencies, awkward behavior)
  4. any performance issues

Who's available

The following cast of characters will be available testing, workarounds, bug fixes, and general discussion. In case of problem related to test day organization/wiki/whatever, please reach out to sumantrom.

Prerequisite for Test Day

How to test?

Install Fedora 29

Testing DNF from a live environment is difficult and will likely wind up with the system exhausting available RAM and failing in strange ways, so we recommend you install Fedora 29 for this Test Day.

Update your machine

Make sure you have all the current updates installed, using the update manager. Note that a clean installed Fedora 29 system will have DNF 3.5.1, while after update from updates-testing (which is enabled by default), you should have DNF 3.6.1 from this update. We are interested in tests with both versions. If you find an issue with one version, it would be very useful to check if it also happens with the other.

Run the tests

Visit the result page and click on the column title links to see the tests that need to be run: most column titles are links to a specific test case. Follow the instructions there, then enter your results by clicking the Enter result button for the test.

Reporting bugs

If you have problems with any of the tests, report a bug to Bugzilla usually for the component dnf. If you are unsure about exactly how to file the report or what other information to include, just ask on IRC and we will help you.

Known issues

Test Results

Please enter your results on the result page. The results will be transferred here after the Test Day is finished.