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This test-case is for the ibus gnome-shell extension available in F15 or later.

How to test

Now GNOME uses GNOME-Shell and owns the panel icon for IBus so we use gnome-control-center or gnome-tweak-tool for the settings instead of ibus-setup.

  • You need to add ibus engines using 'gnome-control-center region'.
  • You need to enable ibus trigger keys using 'gnome-control-center keyboard'.
  • wayland still may need 3D acceleration for the glaphics cards.
  1. General test:
    1. Focus on a text application (e.g. gedit or gnome-terminal) and type the ibus trigger key (e.g. Super + Space) several times.
  2. IBus settings:
    1. 'gnome-control-center region' shows IME setting button.
    2. 'gnome-control-center keyboard' shows IME trigger key.
  3. Keymap settings:
    1. Click on ibus status icon and choose "Region and Language Settings" menu item.
  4. Lookup window test:
    1. Focus on a text application and type an ibus trigger key (e.g. Super + Space) and type a char and Space key sevaral time to show the ibus lookup window.

Expected Results

  1. General test: ibus status icon shows language characters (e.g. 'us') for the keymap engines and IM symbol characters (e.g. 'あ') for IM engines (e.g. ibus-anthy).
  2. IBus settings: gnome-control-center shows the setting button.
  3. Keymap settings: 'gnome-control-center region' is launched.
  4. Lookup window test: clutter based lookup window is shown.