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Personal Note: CVS

export CVS_RSH="ssh"
<!-- Add above two lines in your ~/.bashrc
cvs co static
<!-- co is synonym to checkout
cd static
cvs add TEST
cvs ci -m "Test Commit" TEST
<!-- ci is synonym to commit
<!-- If you don't specify particular files to commit, all of the files in your working current directory are examined.
cvs tag -F LIVE TEST
<!-- cvs tag -F LIVE ./
<!-- Updates take place every hour and half for CVS
cvs rm -rf TEST
$ cvs update

After you've run checkout to create your private copy of source from the common repository,
other developers will continue changing the central source.  From time to time, when it is
convenient in your development process, you can use the update  command  from  within  your
working directory to reconcile your work with any revisions applied to the source repository
since your last checkout or update.

$ cvs update -Pd
<!-- -P    Prune empty directories.
<!-- -d    Create any directories that exist in the repository if they're missing from  the  working  directory.
Normally, update acts only on directories and files that were already enrolled in your working directory.