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  1. open question: - are we doing the Questionnaire only for the Board and FESCo or also for FAMSCO?

Subject: What questions would you like to ask the Candidates for the Fedora Board, FESCo, and FAMSCO?

Several seats of the Fedora Board, FESCo, and FAMSCO are up for election soon(¹). Right now we are in the nomination period, which will be followed by a "Candidate Questionnaire." That means once we'll give candidates a list of questions to answer by private mail within one week after the nomination period closed; the results will be publish soon after that to make sure they are available before the Town Hall meetings on IRC happen.

Candidates may choose to answer (or not) those questions as they see fit. Voters can use the answers to get an impression of what the candidate think or plan to do while serving for the committees in question. That should help to get a interesting discussion running during the IRC Town Hall meetings; furthermore, those people that can't or don't want to participate in the IRC meetings can use the answers to make a more informed vote.

Hence we need to prepare a few good questions that we can send to the candidates once the nomination period ends. And that's where I need *your help* during the next three days: If you have one or more questions you'd like to send to the candidates simply go and add them to:

It just takes a minute or two, so best to do it right now -- otherwise you might get distracted and forget about it. ;-)

I'll take care of the remaining work to review, sort, and clean up the questions(²), and will send them to the candidates once the nomination period ends. Hence, I need them by around the 16th November 14:00 UTC to get a chance to sort and clean them up in time.

So please go to the wiki now and add at least one hard question! The answer will help Fedora contributors to chose whom to vote for! Thanks for your help in advance.

Cu knurd

(¹) If you haven't read about it yet see for details.

(²) If you want to get involved or review the questions before I send them please drop me a line and I'll try to get that arranged; maybe we can arrange a quick IRC meeting if there is interest