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Tim Jackson

Tim Jackson is a long-time maintainer of a number of RPM packages for various purposes. For a number of years he maintained various packages and published various spec files. These included for a time some semi-official Exim RPM packages and a variety of packages on the (now-irrelevant) page More recently Tim maintains private RPM repositories for himself and his employer (EL3, EL4, FC2, FC5) but is now trying to direct his efforts as far as possible towards shared projects like Fedora Extras by pushing RPMs into these.

Tim is currently maintaining the following packages in Extras:

  • alsa-tools
  • altermime
  • gphpedit (A GNOME PHP editor)
  • mod_extract_forwarded
  • php-manual-en
  • php-pear-DB
  • php-pear-PEAR-Command-Packaging
  • rapidsvn (Graphical SVN client)
  • rpl (command line search-n-replace)
  • whatmask (handy IP/netmask calculation tool like ipcalc, but more user-friendly)

Tim also maintains the PEAR module PEAR_Command_Packaging which helps package PHP PEAR modules into RPMs.

Particular interests include:

  • Exim and other e-mail-related applications including Courier IMAP
  • PHP applications of all kinds including web applications, CLI use, PEAR and Zend Framework. In particular Tim is interested in the reliable and robust deployment of such applications. He has played a role in the development of the PHP package within Fedora by filing a number of package-related bugs - see Tim's PHP packaging bugs filed