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pirut (pronounced "pirate," for "Package Install, Remove, and Update Tool") provides a set of graphical tools for managing software.

The following steps show the basic usage of pirut:

Step 1

Select Applications > Add/Remove Software to open pirut.

Tools pirut 01.png

Step 2

Type the password for the root account.

Tools pirut 02.png

Step 3

The Package Manager window opens.

Tools pirut 03.png

Step 4

Select Search on the left side of the window to search for a specific package.

Tools pirut 04.png

Step 5

The following example illustrates a search for xchat.

Tools pirut 05.png

Step 6

Select Search on the right side of the dialog to begin searching. The search result appears after a short time. Select the first result and select Apply.

Tools pirut 06.png

Step 7

After pirut resolves any package dependencies, it asks for a confirmation to install packages. Select Continue.

Tools pirut 07.png

Step 8

After installation, pirut displays a dialog that indicates success.

Tools pirut 08.png