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Fedora Tools Bug Triage

Please refer to FedoraTriage for an overview of what it means to triage.

What do you need to help with the tools triage

  • Current Rawhide (development) tree installation
  • (possibly) Some knowledge of the toolchain - i.e. good idea how to read man pages, some programming experience would be a help
  • Access to different kinds of architectures, if possible (x86, x86_64, ppc, etc...) - this can be worked out on the IRC channel too (#fedora-triage on freenode )
  • Make sure you're on fedora-tools-list . This is where discussions can happen

What are the tools?

"all" means relevant bugs in Fedora, RHEL, RHL, Rawhide and Beta RHL's. "Fedora Core" means just Fedora Core as the Product.