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{{shortcut|ISOP:TORRENT}} is our master torrent server for Fedora distribution.  It runs out of ServerBeach.
{{admon/important|All SOPs have been moved to the Fedora Infrastructure [ SOP git repository]. Please consult the [ online documentation] for the current version of this document.}}
== Contact Information ==
Owner: Fedora Infrastructure Team
Contact: #fedora-admin, sysadmin-torrent group
Location: ibiblio
Purpose: Provides the torrent master server for Fedora distribution
== Torrent Release ==
When you want to add a new torrent to the tracker at you need to take the following steps to have it listed correctly:
# login to <tt></tt>. If you are unable to do so please contact the fedora infrastructure group about access. This procedure requires membership in the ''torrentadmin'' group.
# upload the files you want to add to the torrent to <tt>$yourOrg/</tt>
# use <tt>sha1sum</tt> and verify the file you have uploaded matches the source
# organize the files into subdirs (or not) as you would like
# run <tt>/srv/torrent/new/maketorrent <nowiki>[file-or-dir-to-torrent] ([file-or-dir-to-torrent])</nowiki></tt> to generate a .torrent file or files
# copy the .torrent file(s) to: <tt>/srv/torrent/www/torrents/$yourOrg/</tt>
# cd to <tt>/srv/torrent/torrent-generator/</tt> or <tt>/srv/torrent/spins-generator/</tt> (depending on if it is an official release or spins release)
# add a .ini file in this directory for the content you'll be torrenting.  If you're not doing a normal Fedora release the filename should in the brackets should be <tt><nowiki>[$yourOrg/File-Of-1.1.torrent]</nowiki></tt> &mdash; the format of each section should be as follows: <br /><code><nowiki>[Zod-livecd-1-i386.torrent]</nowiki><br />description=Fedora Core 6 Zod LiveCD 1 iso image for i386.<br />size=683M<br />releasedate=2006-12-22<br />group=Fedora Core 6 Zod LiveCD 1</code>
# mv all files from <tt>/srv/torrent/new/$yourOrg</tt> into <tt>/srv/torrent/btholding/</tt> - this includes the files you uploaded as well as the .torrent files you've created.
Your files will be linked on the website and available on the tracker after this.
[[Category:Infrastructure SOPs]]
[[Category:Infrastructure SOPs]]

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All SOPs have been moved to the Fedora Infrastructure SOP git repository. Please consult the online documentation for the current version of this document.