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This page is not legal advice
This page is not maintained by any legal staff. It is a work product that helps the Fedora Board keep track of licensing, ensure that community members are properly empowered to spread Fedora globally, and protect the value of the Fedora trademarks worldwide. To read more about the Fedora trademarks and the guidelines around them, refer to the trademark guidelines page.

Why track this?

This page is a list of trademark licensees for the Fedora trademarks, both current and prospective future licensees. The lists of prospective licensees include community members acting in good faith who simply have not yet had the opportunity to enter into the licensing agreement. No slight is intended, and the Fedora Board welcomes the opportunity to work with community members to spread Fedora globally and enhance the value of the Fedora brand.

Licensees for domains

The domain
Local communities using the domain are not listed, since that usage in and of itself does not require any trademark licensing. The domain is owned by Red Hat, donated for Fedora community use where applicable, and maintained by the Infrastructure team. For more information, visit the Local community domains page.



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Licensees for branded goods


  • Fedora EMEA e.V.