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Travis Throne


Address: Lakeville, MN

Aim: tthroneforyou Msn:

Interests/ Hobbies

Well as of now i am mostly busy in the garage working with cars. I have a love for building things, and making things work. I do alot of web development (if your looking for a coldfusion or php solution you have found the right guy :D) If you have any questions on issues or just questions at all feel free to email or aim me. I also do alot of bowling and soccer. I am currently the drummer of a heavy rock/metal group out ok lakeville, and work with several bands all across the globe with issues including marketing, media, and web managment.

Fedora Experience

Been using Fedora on my servers since FC3, very trusty and reliable. Some work in Fedora Marketing and OLPC project. (Marketing liaison)