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Urgent Updates Policy

This page is a draft and not approved or in effect


From time to time urgent updates come along that we would like to push to our users as fast as possible. These include urgent security fixes or updates that fix criticial fuctionality (like the ability to get more updates). We will have a side repo called 'urgent-updates' that contains these fixes for a short time. Packages added to this repo are manually signed and added, then removed a week after the regular updates are pushed to stable.


  • MUST be a urgent security or bugfix update (proposed by STR?)
  • MUST have a regular bodhi update submitted.
  • MUST file a releng ticket and indicate that this update should be added to the urgent-updates repo

Things we need to figure out

  • Multilib
  • Dependencies
  • Mirrormanager


  • update/fix is commited and built.
  • maintainer submits bodhi updates as normal
  • maintainer (or interested folks) submit releng ticket asking for urgent update addition.
  • build(s) are signed and added to urgent-updates repo (with multilib/deps?)
  • releng asks qa to test/confirm updates available.
  • mirrormanager updates metalink and updates go to users.
  • after update is in stable for 1 week, remove from urgent-updates repo.