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Aamir Aijaz Bhutto

I'm living in Karachi/Pakistan. I'm a fan of Open Source and Applications like open-office and evolution.

Personal Information

  • Email: :Click Here
  • Cell: Ask me
  • Fedora: aab
  • IRC: AamirBhutto (Freenode) | AAB (Dalnet)
  • GPG Key: 334EF058

Recent Activites

  • (Resting now a days)
  • Member of a local USG and TKLUG
  • Working with a local Charity Institute on building a solid knowladge base in Open Source programs(mainly OpenOffice, Tux paint, Evolution)


Working with Fedora Marketing Team Working as Fedora Ambassador For Pakistan Working with Fedora Free Media Team

FreeMedia Program Track List

Freemedia Track Record