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Alejandro Acosta

Aacosta: Alejandro Acosta

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About /me

He's a programmer, systems manager, linux systems administrator and database associate. He has a degree on Computer Systems Engineering and a Masters on IT Management.

He started to use Linux in 1998 when he was attending a webmaster training and the course required students to bring up a web server using Slackware and NCSA. This experience in that particular point of his life time has set a milestone on his career.

He contributes in the Fedora Project since May 2008 as an ambassador spreading the voice of the project in his community, he also participates distributing Fedora media to locations without broadband access.

Alex participates in his local Linux User Group called gluch. He also writes a fedora related blog which is replicated in Fedora Planet and Planeta Linux México. He's interested in mentoring on Fedora and FOSS and has been invited to give some lectures on those issues as well as to participate in Install Festivals and other activities.

If you don't see him hanging around with Charlene and Stacy (his desktop and laptop) you might see him striking some pins in the bowling alley, shooting some caroms, racing his HO cars in his slotracing circuit or tasting some delicious food in one of the establishments of his wide catalog.

He still manages to hang out with his lovely family and to be grateful for all the little details his life is composed of.