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About Me

Hi Visitor, it's Tama here. Though my official name is Abhradip Mukherjee, I still prefer my pet name Tama as my Identity. Currently(i.e. on 17th April 2009) I am a final year B.Tech student in West Bengal University of Technology in kolkata(calcutta), India.

Anyways, I have been working on various Computer technologies and Electronics technologies (by the way I am a student of Electronics and Commmunication Engineering). I am a certified J2EE trainee by NIIT and Sun. I have created a PHP/MySQL website partly for a Global University. Have done a J2EE web apllication project for IBM TGMC in 2008. I have created a Java based web browser. I have tested more than 30 operating systems. I am a member of Indian Science Congress. I have got a job in KASURA Technologies. a third party chip design and verification services company. They were impressed with my C++ skills while giving me the job.

I have gone through trainings on VHDL programmings from ARDENT and also trainings on optical fiber and microwave communication from Indian Railways.

Robotics has been my special interest for long and have created a few robots. In this connection I have learned Micro-Controller programming.

My current activity with Free Technology Movement

In Kolkata, West Bengal, India I run an organization named Passion4Freedom which aims to build up a support and development network of all people interested in GNU/Linux systems. The Website is located at .

I am a FSF-India working group member and a member of gnome marketing team.

Fedora and I

I love fedora as my best system and I promote it anywhere I can. Every node (school, college, institution) in Passion4Freedom network is by default provided with one or two official Fedora DVDs. We also organize Fedora Activity Days.

Fedora Easy Install Service

A community maintained website for sharing easy install scripts.