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== Contact ==
== Contact ==
* email : '''aditya''' AT '''adityapatawari''' DOT '''com'''
* email : '''aditya''' AT '''adityapatawari''' DOT '''com'''
* irc nick : '''adimania'''. I hang out at '''#fedora-india''', '''#fedora-admin''' and '''#koji'''
* irc nick : '''adimania'''. I hang out at '''#fedora-india''' and '''#fedora-admin'''
* fedora account user-name : adimania
* fedora account user-name : adimania
* Blog :[[]] and[[]]
* Blog :[[]] and[[]]

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Aditya Patawari

About Me

Hi Folks,
I am Aditya Patawari, currently working as Cloud and Infrastructure Engineer at Before this I was a Developer - Operations at Directi Internet Solutions. I play around with EL, Puppet, Nagios, Python, cloud both as a part of my work and as a hobby. Red Hat was my first distro when I was in class XI, after that I have tried a number of distros and finally I am stuck with fedora as my main OS. I love tux and kde. I am a die hard linux supporter and an open source developer.


  • email : aditya AT adityapatawari DOT com
  • irc nick : adimania. I hang out at #fedora-india and #fedora-admin
  • fedora account user-name : adimania
  • Blog :[[1]] and[[2]]
  • Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


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  • Fedora Infra (SysAdmin for Badges)
  • Fedora Ambassador
  • Fedora Packager and maintainer for kfilefactory (dormant)
  • Former Fedora Summer Coding Funded Student
  • Speaker at 2010 Fedora Mini-Conf, FUDCon Pune, FUDCon Kuala Lumpur and many other conferences.
  • Former Administrator of Birla Institute Of Technology Linux User Group and currently promoting fedora, organizing workshops and install fests.
  • Worked as the Network administrator of Birla Institute Of Technology, Mesra, India and make sure that every new fedora release find its place in "message of the day" column.
  • Maintained the local fedora repository of my college.
  • Working as a Cloud and Infrastructure Engineer.