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Fedora Medical GSoC Proposal

List of Packages

These packages are listed in order of priority. Some might be already packaged by the time I start packaging them. Brackets has priority among the bullet.

As of now the priority is based upon the license and the way application is coded. For example FreeMed is preferred over GNUmed because it provides more functionality. HRHIS is preferred over DHIS because former is released under GPL and so on. Priorities can change anytime :)

  • FreeMed (1) or GNUmed (2)
  • cydoc (1) or OpenEMR (2)
  • HRHIS (1) or DHIS (2)
  • openMRS
  • Open ISES Project
  • Mirth

Feel free to add any application below this section or mail <adimania AT fedoraproject DOT org> for any discussions.