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Aditya Kumar Sharma

About Me

I am Aditya currently pursuing my B.Tech from Jaypee Institute of information technology university Noida, Uttar Pradesh India The First Linux I used Was Redhat Linux 6.0 and I was very Impressed by it, the Gnome desktopwas really good... Never was able to put away the Charm of OSS... Mostly I visited Fedoraproject.ORG for Download Purpose... but in My Visit Once I saw The Invitation to Join The Ambassadors Group... I Made an account with Help of ThomasChung and Joined The Groupi haven't been really active lately owing to college and some other projects i was working upon, hoping to change that!

I Would Like to offer any Help at my level... Please Feel free to contact me! at

Support and use OSS(s)... and Fedora is the Best Around :)

With Fedora

Fedora India Ambassador (joined 2007)

Contact Information

Email: aditya AT adityasharma DOT net

GPG Info

You Can Download the Pub-Key from the using this link :