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Andrew Vermilya Jamison

File:AndrewJamison AndrewJamison-head.png

I have been using Fedora and Linux in general since Fedora core 3 and have slowly learned several tricks along the way.

I am by no means what I would call a Guru or expert of any kind but I do know how to solve minor issues that plaque me most often. Mainly permission issues or the like.

I am asked alot what my views are on people leaving Windows for Linux and never turning back. I often reply To each his own. If you can do what you need to do in Windows then use it if not and you find Linux more suitable for your needs then by all means use Linux. I guess you could say that while I use Linux and Windows both I prefer Linux over Windows for several reasons such as Speed reliability stability and so on.

I like to hang out in the Fedora Forums as well as occationaly using xchat to access the IRC

Educational Background

I am currently enrolled in a bachelors degree to become a Network Administrator. This degree will require various degrees of knowledge on my part most of which is directly related to Linux. I feel this will only strengthen my resolve to learn as much as I can about Fedora and Linux in general.


  • Email: ajamison AT fedoraproject DOT org
  • IRC: ajamison5579 #fedora,#category5,#ubuntu,#fedora-qa,#fedora-ambassador
  • GPG key: 5B52C0CA
  • Fedora Account: ajamison

Activities within Fedora

  • I am becoming more active in demonstrating the power of linux and Fedora to friends as well as showing users of various other Linux distributions what makes Fedora stand out for me.
  • Working with an online TV show as one of their Fedora correspondants. While officialy i am just a viewer i have worked with the shows host Robbie Ferguson on some key points to mention about Fedora.
  • Currently trying to get involved in a local LUG and spread Fedora that way. Found a potiential group that is mostly Debian centric but they are interested in Fedora.

Current Wiki Pages I edit/author

  • Currently trying to bring some sanity to the Fedora Jargon Buster page by redoing it and adding some common commands that are fedora specific and what their say Ubuntu counter parts would be. The new page i am calling the Fedorian Dictionary

Useful Linux Resources

Linux Distributions I am currently using

  • Ubuntu 9.04 - Using to get an idea of how Debian based Distros differ from Red Hat based
  • Fedora 11 - Primary OS at present

Distributions I am preparing to try