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Alexander Kurtakov

Alexander Kurtakov works from Pazardzhik, Bulgaria for Red Hat.

Email: akurtako(at)


Activities Within Fedora

Package Maintenance

List of the packages I maintain in Fedora can be seen in the Package Database.

Eclipse plugin development

  • Eclipse plugins build issues.
  • RPM plugins new features.
  • Eclipse Fedorapackager plugin.

Nice things to happen (Java related)

I can put only a small bit of effort in these but it will be really nice to see them done.

  • Get Tycho working properly in Fedora.
  • Tomcat 6 becomes the main jsp/servlet api provider and having it doesn't drag Tomcat 5 in. Work in progress [[1]]
  • Tomcat 7 packaged in Fedora.
  • Eclipse Webtools get packaged in Fedora.