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Alex Hudson


I'm a UK-based IT consultant who has been using various forms of GNU/Linux for over ten years now, and has used most of the different distros.

I hack on a number of different projects, mainly the Bongo Project, but contribute bugs and patches to a variety of different software.


  • Email: fedora ATSIGN alexhudson DOT com
  • IRC: so_solid_moo - I hang out in various places, #gnu (freenode), #bongo (oftc) at least.
  • GPG key:
  • Fedora Account: alexh

Activities within Fedora

  • I've helped people use and install Fedora for a while now, and promote it mainly because it's a good free software distro
  • now and then I submit bugs to bugzilla, usually I also try to at least submit an idea for a fix if not a patch
  • recently I've started submitting packages, including (so far) log4c (review bz #479835) and iniparser (review bz #479951)