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Broken Gnome 3?

This bug has raised its head for a number of users: primarily those using the nVidia binary drivers, in whatever form. Your graphical login page will work, but logging into the desktop will fail - you'll just get a desktop background, and no fall-back mode.

To verify you have this bug, you can drop to a terminal and check your user's ~/.xsession-errors file. It should have an error something like:

 Unable to initialize clutter unable to find suitable fbconfig for the GLX context

Also, if you do "rpm -q gnome-shell", it will say:

 gnome-shell 3.0.2-3.fc15.x86_64

A revision lower than that (or, hopefully, higher) is a package unaffected.

Fix It

Step 1.

You need to run, as root:

 yum downgrade gnome-shell xulrunner firefox

If you don't have firefox installed, then you wouldn't need that package listed in the command.

Step 2.

As the xulrunner update is a security update, you will also need to ensure it doesn't automatically get reapplied the next reboot.

There are two ways of doing this:

  • going to your software update settings, and turning off "Automatically apply security updates"
  • adding 'exclude=gnome-shell firefox xulrunner' to your /etc/yum.conf

You really want either of these changes to be temporary, so on the assumption that fixed packages will be created and mirrored out you might want to set your alarm clock for the 1st July and revert this change then.