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  • Real name: Oleksiy Lukin (Aleksei in Russian transcription)
  • Email:
  • Jabber:
  • Personal web page: http//
  • IRC: alukin in #fedora, #fedora-ambassabors
  • GPG key: ID: 0x53E160EB Signature: BA09 A1E1 14AC 6AD5 F3E6 BF5F D6A0 6106 53E1 60EB
  • Fedora Account: alukin
  • Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

About me and my work

I live in Chernigiv city, Ukraine and teach in Chernigiv State Technological University

Free software activities

I am co-founder and active participant of Ukrainian University Linux Competence Center

Site is in Ukrainian language, sort description is below.

ULCC initiative aimed to development of curricula and teaching materials for Ukrainian higer education, completely based on free software in general and on Linux particular. ULCC site actually is project management tool that keeps tracks of many projects grouped by education directions and specialties. There is also free forum at aimed to free support of students and university staff by ULCC volunteers.

Main work.

Sr. lecturer of Inforation and Computer Ssystems dept. of Chernigiv State Technological university . CS site is "live" and actually is a composition of teachers and students' blogs.

Again, site is mostly in Ukrainian and Russian language, short description below.

ICS dept. is relatively young (founded in 1989) but is famous in Ukraine by high quality of education. Free software is widely used on our department and most our courses based on free software, excluding that special courses that require one infamous proprietary OS :) ICS dept. keeps very good working relations with IT businesses based on FOSS and this co-work helps us to maintain high quality of education.

I teach computer networks, computer security and related courses since 1990. All my courses based on *NIX, on latest Fedora to be precise.

Fedora activities

  • joined Ambassadors team Nov.17. 2009
  • trying to join Fedora java team, studing project structure and packaging.