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It's me.


Adrian Alves

About me

I'm from Capital Federal, Buenos Aires - Argentina. GEEK fan of Linux and Gnome, I've been involved in the Linux world since 1996. Am a Open Source Lover!! RPM DEVELOPER since 2007, I love to build pkgs for apps. And now fedora developer and ambassador for Argentina :-)

I want to gave special thanks to the guys who helped me in this process Daniel Bruno <> my fedora mentor, Mohammed King <> my always manager who introduce me and teach me everything about RPM's and my friend Dag Wieers <> best RPM developer ever or as I call him RPMguy! and another friend to mention the last one an not less important is Rik Van Riel <> from my point of view he is the kernel guy!
An of course all my Argentinian mates from and and special mention to "la barra del huelque" composed by SAE, Dax, Pablom, El Pelado and Borg


Fedora Projects Involved

Packages maintained

Packages that I'm working on it