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* [ Flash on Fedora 10]
* [ Flash on Fedora 10]
* [ Ripping and Converting Audio]
* [ Ripping and Converting Audio]
* [ Ripping and Converting Audio-Update]
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  • Name: A. Mani (First Name: Mani ; Last Name/Surname: A)
  • Location: Kolkata, India
  • Occupation(s): Research (Algebra, Logic, Rough Sets), Teaching and Consultancy (Part-Time)
  • Email: and adotmanidotcms at gmail dot com
  • Phone: 9432442114
  • Fedora Account Username: amani
  • Public Key: 0x5226A216
  • Key fingerprint = 2F55 F0DF 4410 9DA6 AA35 6E81 A082 B806 5226 A216

Linux Related Activities

  • I coordinate the activities of ILUG-CALINFO. Our mailing list can be found


  • I am also a member of various other Linux users groups including ILUG-Delhi and ILUG-CAL.
  • I am an active member of LQ and the Fedora Forum there too. (My username is amani)

Fedora Activities

  • I am in various Fedora mailing lists including those on usability and documentation
  • I am active in distributing Fedora media and troubleshooting
  • I coordinated the SFD'2008 celebrations in Kolkata. A Fedora session was part of the event.

Home Page

My Home Page

Fedora Groups

I am in the following groups:

  • Fedora Ambassador
  • Fedora Docs
  • FreeMedia
  • Fedorabugs
  • Fedora-test

Draft Documents