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Hello there! I am Amit Saha. I shall summarize my efforts in the Fedora community on this page.
== Fedora Scientific Spin ==
== Fedora Scientific Spin ==
I am a long-term Linux user and have been into full-time scientific research for the past 3 years now. Everytime I have to do a fresh-install of Linux (not so frequently, ofcourse), I have to download a bunch of tools which I use regularly. For example, gnuplot, xfig, LaTex compilers, numpy, etc.
* In progress documentation []
* Download [ here]
How cool would it be to have a Linux distro which already had these installed? Say hello to Fedora-Scientific
* Fedora project [ wiki]
* Testing the Scientific spin [ page]
'''Update #1:''' June, 24 - 2011
* Fedora Scientific Spin and other Fedora updates on my [ blog]
I finally started acting on this idea of mine with an email to the rel-eng list [[]].
After discussions on the mailing list with Bill Nottingham, I proposed a patch to the file [[;a=commitdiff;h=ebfe294e32736a3e3386ee9c55ffb7386821b902]].
I already have the kickstart file ready for this one, which I shall post to the mailing list soon, once I have tested my ISO. It currently stands at 1.1 G.
''' Update #2:''' June 29 - 2011
Started discussions on Spins SIG []
''' Update #3:''' July 03 - 2011
Created spin page at [[Scientific_Spin]]
Lot of interesting feedback and +1s on the local LUG [ list]
''' Update #4:''' July 05 - 2011
Based on the suggestions on CLUG, added a number of development tools and libs and other packages. Please see the kickstart file linked from [[Scientific_Spin]] for the details. From being a bare-bone scientific distro, its becoming fully-loaded!
''' Update #5:''' July 08 - 2011
Moved the [ spin] page to "Ready for Wrangler" category. I am currently using a Fedora scientific build on my desktop and all the custom applications seems to be working fine! There is also a discussion page for the spin now. Go [ there] and leave your comments/suggestions.
''' Update #5:''' August 17  - 2011
The spin is still under review. I thought it might be a good idea to have both a GNOME 3 and KDE based spin. Infact I think I like KDE more now :-) So there will be two kickstart files, one for GNOME 3 and other for KDE. Uploaded some screenshots accessible from the Spin page.
''' Update #6:''' October 9  - 2011
The [ spin] has been moved to the Ready for SIG [ category] now. I have decided to go ahead with the KDE based desktop. Time to rejoice.
''' Update #7:''' October 26  - 2011
The Scientific Spin is now all set to be released officially with Fedora 16, and the nightly builds are now available from
[ here]. Download the ISO and burn it to a DVD or a USB key (preferably 4G or greater) using "dd if=*.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=8M".
''' Update #7:''' November 1  - 2011
Blog post: [ Fedora Scientific: The Prologue]
''' Update #8:''' November 9  - 2011
Fedora Scientific Spin is out! Get it [ here].
==  Packaging ==  
==  Packaging ==  
[ PiCloud client]
[ PiCloud client] (Stalled)
== Google Summer of Code'12 Efforts ==
== Google Summer of Code'12 Efforts ==
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Member and List administrator of [ Fedora Science and Technology SIG ]
Member and List administrator of [ Fedora Science and Technology SIG ]
== Miscellaneous (random notes to self) ==  
== Miscellaneous ==
'''TBD:''' Explore [ openopt] for packaging.
* As a Red Hat Employee, my "official" work is on [ Beaker]
== Links ==
== Links ==

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Fedora Scientific Spin


PiCloud client (Stalled)

Google Summer of Code'12 Efforts

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Member and List administrator of Fedora Science and Technology SIG


  • As a Red Hat Employee, my "official" work is on Beaker


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