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== Fedora Scientific Spin ==
== Fedora Scientific Spin ==
* Download [ here] (Fedora 19 ISO is not available; see [ here] and [ here] for two options)
* In progress documentation []
* Download [ here]
* Fedora project [ wiki]
* Fedora project [ wiki]
* Testing the Scientific spin [ page]
* Testing the Scientific spin [ page]

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Amit Saha
[[Image:{{{image}}}|none|none|Amit Saha]]
Personal Information
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Home: Brisbane, Australia
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: amitksaha
Miscellaneous Information
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Fedora Scientific Spin


PiCloud client (Stalled)

Google Summer of Code'12 Efforts

Student page

Proposal (Proposal accepted)

Blog posts

GSoC Project Notes

Fedora Resources

How to Create a Fedora Install ISO for testing

Creating a Fedora Live CD

Fedora Custom Spins

Nightly Rawhide Builds

How to Create a RPM package

Fedora Packaging Guidelines

Local Yum repository

Download (not install) packages

Signing your custom packages

Other Fedora Activities

Member and List administrator of Fedora Science and Technology SIG


  • As a Red Hat Employee, my "official" work is on Beaker


Git for Beginners

Git basic branching and merging

Create a patch file for RPM



IRC: amitksaha