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Amit Saha
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Home: Canberra, Australia
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Hello there! I am Amit Saha. I am a Ph.D student at the University of New South Wales, Australia and my research focus is on Optimization using Evolutionary Algorithms. I have been involved in several open source efforts in the past, like the NetBeans IDE and bits and pieces in some other projects. I pursue technical writing as a serious pastime for 3+ years now. My blog has all the random bits and pieces and links to my articles and community efforts.

I shall summarize my efforts in the Fedora community on this page. My immediate plan for contribution to the Fedora community is to create a Fedora scientific spin which i describe next.

Fedora Scientific Spin

I am a long-term Linux user and have been into full-time scientific research for the past 3 years now. Everytime I have to do a fresh-install of Linux (not so frequently, ofcourse), I have to download a bunch of tools which I use regularly. For example, gnuplot, xfig, LaTex compilers, numpy, etc.

How cool would it be to have a Linux distro which already had these installed? Say hello to Fedora-Scientific

Update #1: June, 24 - 2011

I finally started acting on this idea of mine with an email to the rel-eng list [[1]].

After discussions on the mailing list with Bill Nottingham, I proposed a patch to the file [[2]].

I already have the kickstart file ready for this one, which I shall post to the mailing list soon, once I have tested my ISO. It currently stands at 1.1 G.

Update #2: June 29 - 2011

Started discussions on Spins SIG [3]

Update #3: July 03 - 2011 Created spin page at Scientific_Spin

Fedora Resources

Creating a Fedora Live CD

Fedora Custom Spins

Nightly Rawhide Builds

Other Fedora Activities

Member of SciTech SIG




IRC: Not much of a IRC user, more of a mailing list. sorry!