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Amit Saha
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Hello there! I am Amit Saha. I am a Ph.D student at the University of New South Wales, Australia and my research focus is on Optimization using Evolutionary Algorithms. I have been involved in several open source efforts in the past, like the NetBeans IDE and bits and pieces in some other projects. I pursue technical writing as a serious pastime for 3+ years now. My blog has all the random bits and pieces and links to my articles and community efforts.

I shall summarize my efforts in the Fedora community on this page. My immediate plan for contribution to the Fedora community is to create a Fedora scientific spin which i describe next.

Fedora Scientific Spin

I am a long-term Linux user and have been into full-time scientific research for the past 3 years now. Everytime I have to do a fresh-install of Linux (not so frequently, ofcourse), I have to download a bunch of tools which I use regularly. For example, gnuplot, xfig, LaTex compilers, numpy, etc.

How cool would it be to have a Linux distro which already had these installed? Say hello to Fedora-Scientific

Update #1: June, 24 - 2011

I finally started acting on this idea of mine with an email to the rel-eng list [[1]].

After discussions on the mailing list with Bill Nottingham, I proposed a patch to the file [[2]].

I already have the kickstart file ready for this one, which I shall post to the mailing list soon, once I have tested my ISO. It currently stands at 1.1 G.

Update #2: June 29 - 2011

Started discussions on Spins SIG [3]

Update #3: July 03 - 2011

Created spin page at Scientific_Spin

Lot of interesting feedback and +1s on the local LUG list

Update #4: July 05 - 2011

Based on the suggestions on CLUG, added a number of development tools and libs and other packages. Please see the kickstart file linked from Scientific_Spin for the details. From being a bare-bone scientific distro, its becoming fully-loaded!

Update #5: July 08 - 2011

Moved the spin page to "Ready for Wrangler" category. I am currently using a Fedora scientific build on my desktop and all the custom applications seems to be working fine! There is also a discussion page for the spin now. Go there and leave your comments/suggestions.

Update #5: August 17 - 2011

The spin is still under review. I thought it might be a good idea to have both a GNOME 3 and KDE based spin. Infact I think I like KDE more now :-) So there will be two kickstart files, one for GNOME 3 and other for KDE. Uploaded some screenshots accessible from the Spin page.

Update #6: October 9 - 2011

The spin has been moved to the Ready for SIG category now. I have decided to go ahead with the KDE based desktop. Time to rejoice.

Update #7: October 26 - 2011

The Scientific Spin is now all set to be released officially with Fedora 16, and the nightly builds are now available from here. Download the ISO and burn it to a DVD or a USB key (preferably 4G or greater) using "dd if=*.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=8M".

Update #7: November 1 - 2011

Blog post: Fedora Scientific: The Prologue

Update #8: November 9 - 2011

Fedora Scientific Spin is out! Get it here.

Fedora Resources

Creating a Fedora Live CD

Fedora Custom Spins

Nightly Rawhide Builds

Other Fedora Activities

Member and List administrator of Fedora Science and Technology SIG

Miscellaneous (random notes to self)

TODO: Blog post explaining the current state of the kickstart file, packages installed, ISO size, etc. Example test cases/programs for the various libraries/tools to see if everything is working as it should

TBD: Explore Yorick for packaging. Will possibly be of interest to SciTech SIG.

TBD: LaTex-Beamer for packaging - Beamer included in "texmaker". DONE.

TBD: Explore openopt for packaging.




IRC: Not much of a IRC user.