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Amit Saha
[[Image:{{{image}}}|none|none|Amit Saha]]
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Home: Brisbane, Australia
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FAS-Name: amitksaha
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Hello there. I am Amit Saha. I shall summarize my efforts in the Fedora community on this page.

Fedora Scientific Spin

  • Download here (Fedora 19 ISO is not available; see here and here for two options)
  • Fedora project wiki
  • Testing the Scientific spin page
  • Fedora Scientific Spin and other Fedora updates on my blog


PiCloud client

Google Summer of Code'12 Efforts

Student page

Proposal (Proposal accepted)

Blog posts

GSoC Project Notes

Fedora Resources

How to Create a Fedora Install ISO for testing

Creating a Fedora Live CD

Fedora Custom Spins

Nightly Rawhide Builds

How to Create a RPM package

Fedora Packaging Guidelines

Local Yum repository

Download (not install) packages

Signing your custom packages

Other Fedora Activities

Member and List administrator of Fedora Science and Technology SIG

Miscellaneous (random notes to self)

TBD: Explore openopt for packaging.


Git for Beginners

Git basic branching and merging

Create a patch file for RPM



IRC: amitksaha