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My name - Ananth S Gouri

Some words about myself.

  • I give seminars on the usage of Linux OSs [in developer perspective] in general in colleges.
  • I write blogs on Linux and also post a lot of help towards solving common Linux problems.
  • You can visit my blog at
  • I am a Java Developer at Sabre Holdings - a US MNC.
  • Presently I am using Debian 5 as my one and only OS in my office laptop - hence avoiding the use of proprietary softwares and Operating Systems.


  • Email:
  • IRC:
  • GPG key: F43D4D50
  • Fedora Account: ananthgs
  • Mobile Number: +919741309897

Activities within Fedora

  • I am yet to help Fedora directly. But I intend to help Fedora spread its message of Linux and Open Source.
  • I am also trying my best from the past 4.5 years to prevent people spread piracy from all sides - by teaching people to use Fedora or Linux in general.
  • I am also ready to help Fedora to create packages and in all aspects.