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'''IRC Nick ''': anoopcs
'''IRC Nick ''': anoopcs

'''IRC channels(on Freenode): ''' #cwrap, #fedora, #fedora-devel, #gluster, #gluster-dev, #samba, #samba-technical, #linux-libre
'''IRC channels (on Freenode): ''' #cwrap, #fedora, #fedora-devel, #gluster, #gluster-dev, #samba, #samba-technical, #linux-libre

'''IRC channels(on OFTC): ''' #gcc
'''IRC channels (on OFTC): ''' #gcc

'''Matrix :
'''Matrix : '''

'''Email : '''
'''Email : '''
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'''Mobile : ''' +91 7406098342
'''Mobile : ''' +91 7406098342

'''Country :''' India
'''Country : ''' India

'''Blog : ''' []
'''Blog : ''' []

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About me

  • Free Software enthusiast and Open Source developer.
  • Software Engineer, Red Hat Inc.
  • Contributor to GlusterFS and Samba projects.


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IRC Nick : anoopcs

IRC channels (on Freenode): #cwrap, #fedora, #fedora-devel, #gluster, #gluster-dev, #samba, #samba-technical, #linux-libre

IRC channels (on OFTC): #gcc

Matrix :

Email :

Mobile : +91 7406098342

Country : India

Blog : [1]