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Aprigio Simoes

About me

Aprigio Simoes
  • I am specialist in UNIX and Linux , working with the system for many years as an administrator,consultant and instructor certificate in Brazil (specifically in the cities of Rio de Janeiro , Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte ). I am a participant in the Linux community from the outset , starting with RedHat 4.0 and Slackware 3.5 in 1994 , working in big companies . I attended the first community of Brazilian distribution Conectiva Linux and Debian . I am also a member of the Ubuntu-BR community and SLRJ - Software Livre Rio de Janeiro.
  • Over the years I made sure the levels of LPI and also other certifications as CLA11,CLP,XenServer CCA,UCP (Ubuntu Certified Professional - LPI199) and other UNIX certifications.
  • Participated in major projects in Citrix,Capgemini,IBM in big companies in the area of OIL,in Rio de Janeiro. Today also I am a security consultant UNIX and study to complete the certification GCUX.
  • In the ANP ( National Petroleum Agency , in Rio de Janeiro ) , participated in several projects with Capgemini , IBM and Halliburton with RHEL - Red Hat Enterprise Linux ( my preference ) for POWER and PowerVM , as well as participating in testing with the team application development and PowerVM LX86 and homologation in the company.
  • About Fedora? I use Red Hat LInux since its version 4.0, and followed up to version 9 and consequently the first version of Fedora Core. I use other systems like Gentoo, ArchLinux, Debian, OpenBSD, Solaris and HP-UX. But my desktop is Fedora and Ubuntu.

Minister speaks at events specifically on Linux distributions Ubuntu, Fedora / RHEL / CentOS. Paritcipante and materials writer for blogs, websites and magazines.

My Computers and Loves

I love retro computers, I started with an MSX Plus from Gradiente and programmed in Basic, one of the best schools I've ever had. I was a huge enthusiast at the time of the Amiga OS Workbench and early Apple Computers. I have a love for the old Commodores 64 and several old servers like the old Sun hardware and I'm a fan of some IBM PowerPC machines. I use a Thinkpad t14AMD equipped with an AMD Ryzen 7PRO and Fedora (of course!). I also use MacOS on an Apple computer and another Macbook Pro with Linux.

  Then, Linux is the power, no crashes, no bluescreen and if you play for the space satellite turns - Aprigio

My professional information and status:

RHCSA 8 - Red Hat Certified System Administrator - ID 210-075-792 || Red Hat Delivery Specialist - Automation (red hat accredited professional) || Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Implementation (red hat accredited professional) || LPIC – Certified – LPI000175806 || Novell Cand ID ID (CLA11): 10104720 || Ubuntu Certified Professional – LPI000175806 || SUSE CLA 11 (cert number 32637) || SUSE Certified Administrator in Enterprise Linux 11 - (Novell CandID ID: 10104720) || SUSE Certified Administrator in Enterprise Linux 12 - (Novell CandID ID: 10104720) || Novell Datacenter Linux Specialist (Novell Cand ID ID: 10104720) || BSDA – 2009324130633311407 ||

Debian Consultants HP-UX consultant AIX consultant Solaris consultant TIVOLI TSM consultant pela IBM LDOM consultant PowerVM Consulant GCUX


I'am Italian and "Brasileiro com orgulho" ;P

  • IRC: I hang out o #unix #solaris, #fedora, #fedora-br, #centos #gentoo and others.... it is for all Linux users in Brazil and there are Fedora users, CentOS users, RHEL users and administrators, etc.