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* '''Email''': [] (add [Fedora] to the start of the message. :D)  
* '''Email''': [] (add [Fedora] to the start of the message. :D)  
* '''IRC''': asmartgoat on freenode (#fedora-ambassadors, #fedora)
* '''IRC''': asmartgoat on freenode (#fedora-ambassadors, #fedora)
* '''Twitter''': asmartgoat
* '''Fedora Talk''': Extension: 5151846
* '''Other''': My talk page
* '''Other''': My talk page
* '''GPG key ID''': 0x59EBF3D0
* '''GPG key ID''': 0x59EBF3D0

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Hello, My name is luke martinez (asmartgoat). I am 15 years old, I live in Melbourne, Australia. I was born on the Third of November 1995.


Growing up

I am very lucky to have been using linux while growing up since my father was a developer. I have to credit him with introducing me to Free and Open Source software at a very young age, (younger than I can remember).

I used to always save up for a linux magazine to get the latest distrubution onto my pentium III 450mhz noisy-box. RHL*, mandrake/mandriva. you name it, i've had it.

What i do now?

Nowadays i market linux & FOSS to my colleges and mates at school, I have made the school switch from Internet Explorer to an ie / firefox choice (which it's pretty obvious that everybody chooses firefox! :) )

I used to provide support to countless individuals on ubuntu with questions such as "how do i install the nvidia driver?" and "how do I switch to kde?"


I am easy to reach;

  • Email: [] (add [Fedora] to the start of the message. :D)
  • IRC: asmartgoat on freenode (#fedora-ambassadors, #fedora)
  • Fedora Talk: Extension: 5151846
  • Other: My talk page
  • GPG key ID: 0x59EBF3D0
  • Fedora Account: asmartgoat Fedora Account System
  • Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (email me for address)


I want to / will do in the future;

  • organize a local fedora event
  • convince the IT staff to install fedora on the library search kiosks. [?] update: School is looking into using linux for technology classes.
  • get sugar on a stick for my sister [done]
  • provide support in #fedora

I do at the moment;

  • I edit the wiki, so if there is a page that needs care, drop a note on the disscussion page. :)
  • introduce FOSS to high-school students.
  • provide support for people who have recieved the gift of FOSS from me.
  • spend tireless hours waiting for the next version of fedora to download.


  • I speak (but dont write) alot of spanish.
  • I speak (and write) a little german.
  • I have a tendancy to tell people off if they give me *.docx or *.pptx files.

Asmartgoat 23:06, 14 October 2010 (UTC)