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Luke Martinez

Hello, My name is luke martinez (asmartgoat). I am 14 years old, i am very lucky to have been using linux while growing up since my father was a developer. I have to credit him with introducing me to Free and Open Source software at a very young age, (younger than i can remember).

I used to always save up for a linux magazine to get the latest distrubution onto my pentium III 450mhz noisy-box. RHL*, mandrake/mandriva. you name it, i had it.

What i do now?

Nowadays i market linux & FOSS to my colleges and mates at school, i have made the school switch from ie to an ie / firefox choice (which it's pretty obvious that everybody chooses firefox! :) )

I used to provide support to countless individuals on ubuntu with questions such as "how do i install the nvidia driver?" and "how do i switch to kde?"

Vital Statistics

I have made: 2 people switch to fully open source software Josh Carter, <name withheld>.

I am usualy very easy to reach, You can contact me on;

   * Email: l32007luke AT (preferred)
   * Twitter: asmartgoat  (may take a few days for a reply)
   * IRC : asmartgoat (#fedora #fedora-ambassadors)

Feel free to edit this page and fix errors, i did this page as a draft.