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IRC Nick : aswin

Channels Found In : #fedora, #fedora-india,#feodra-arm,#fedora-join,#pyconindia,#yocto,#poky

Email :

Phone No : + 91 9995926084

Country : India

State : Kerala

About me

Hi I am Aswin Venu, An Engieering graduate student from Pavai Collge of technology, Pachal, Namakkal,Tamil Nadu. I am a FOSS developer and Hacker. I contribute to open source projects like fedora, Mozilla,Wikipedia, yocto etc. Currently working with embedded projects and fedora-arm. I have handfull of arm boards to play around. I teach my friends about basics microcontrollers and microprocessor. I am maintaining a github page For embedded related querries please feel free to contact me.