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Aveek Sen


About Me

I am Aveek, an engineering student, currently pursuing my Graduation in the field of Electronics & Communication at NIT Agartala, India.

I first made headway into Linux in my eighth standard but could't properly do the partitioning. I started using Linux almost an year back when I entered the college. Then I went to NIT Durgapur's Linux fest Mukti & am using the insights gained there for further headway.

We have started our own LUG . The weblink is:

Get In Touch



IRC: aveek

Channels like #fedora-india, #nitdgplug are my hangouts.Presently not very active on the IRC

Call Me At:

  • +919436583985
  • +91-651-2530100(home)


Hostel: Room C6, Howrah Hostel, NIT Agartala, Agartala-799055. Tripura India

Residence: "Sens"(Near Aunty Lodge), 14/4A, Purulia Road, P.N.Bose Compound, Ranchi-834001. Jharkhand India

Fedora Account: aveeksen

Activities with Fedora

  • I try to spread Fedora awareness in my college
  • About 4-5 weeks ago, we had a small seminar on GNU/Linux & FOSS. Distributed about 50 Fedora 10 DVDs I got from NIT Durgapur(free media). Picasa link:
  • I plan to bring Fedora into my home town and surrounding areas by popularizing it among my friends at BIT Mesra & other local colleges
  • I also plan to introduce it in my school at Calcutta-St. Paul's Mission
  • I want to deploy Fedora in schools and general colleges and provide support so that it can be used in quality education
  • We are going to have a mega Linux fest at our college in July. It will consist of an install fest, talks & workshops. For details please see the Fedora events page & our LUG's Google group. The link is given above.

I am looking forward to an even greater association with Fedora in future.