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Jason Fenner

I am a Fedora Ambassador to the Cleveland, Ohio USA area.

Please contact me if you are interested in Fedora being presented to your local group or if you are in need of Fedora media. Also, please feel free to contact me if you are in need of support or help installing, I will do my best to assist you or get you to one who can.

I will be helping out at the Fedora booth this year at Ohio Linux Fest [1]. If you are planning to attend Ohio Linux Fest 2011, be sure to stop by and say Hi!


Usually in:

  • #fedora
  • #fedora-qa
  • #fedora-social
  • Location: Cleveland, Ohio, USA (Eastern Time Zone)

Activities within Fedora

  • Fedora Ambassadors
  • Helped out at the Fedora booth at Ohio Linux Fest in the past.
  • Have organized a Fedora booth at Notacon in the past.
  • In the future I would like to possibly get involved with the Admin side of the house and possibly maintain a package or more. B)


I currently am a Cisco Certified Network Professional. My networking experience together with my Linux experience allows me to really be able to leverage Fedora and other FOSS projects. Currently, I work as a Network Engineer and Storage Administrator for a manufacturing corporation. I have been deploying and administrating Linux servers professionally in enterprise settings for many years. I have always been a strong supporter of Linux and all other open source software. Not only do I encourage the use and and expansion of OSS, but I am a big believer in the FOSS movement and principles themselves.

I have some background with coding in Python, Perl and BASH. However, I am always interested in making these skills more stronger.

Fedora Project Contribution Goals

  • Help one person at a time to try using Fedora.
  • Help those trying Fedora to get over hurdles and continue using it.
  • Spread the news of Fedora Project as a whole.
  • Explain the project to those unfamiliar with it.
  • Encourage people to join the project and contribute.
  • Make Fedora just a little bit better, by helping one person at a time.