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Just a few things for me. I use fedora for 10+ years. I use and support Open Source Software and ideas in general. I believe I have a free spirit and open mind and i like to be independent so I could say that my operator system express me totally.

Freedom is the power of knowledge. The knowledge is the effect of curiosity. At the end you wind up with an anxious personality.

In my free time.... there is no free time dude. Always have to do something. Like watch a movie, write a script or something that you started two years ago and you remember again. Always is time for something new. to do or to learn.

I like music and spaghetti. I like to travel too.

Finally i am member of of Athens. And my irc nickname is b10n1k.

pub 2048R/C569E2D4 2011-05-28 fingerprint B380 AD6B B1AF CB3D 77CD 20EC A990 A950 C569 E2D4