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Salman Ullah Baig

I am doing my Computer Engineering here in Karachi/Pakistan and it's almost last year ;). I am using Open Source since 2004 and never looked behind, thanks to my brother who introduced and encouraged me to use Open Source OS's. I am glad that I am contributing to fedoraproject, though it's very small;). It gives me immense happiness when I talk with different people about Open Source and fedora. I am glad that Open Source OS's are spreading rapidly and making a very good reputation on Desktop side after conquering Server side. :)

Live Open Source, Love Fedora!!

  • FAS User Name: baig

Contact information

  • Phone: +923132255225
  • baig[at]fedoraproject[dot]com

Fedora Groups

  • Fedora Ambassador for Pakistan
    Fedora Free Media Destributor


  • Computer Engineer
    Learning Shell Scripting (Intermediate)
    Linux System/Network Administration (Advance)
    Database Administration (Learning)
    Java, C, C++ Programming for fun.


Life keeps on changing, you have to make right choices in your practical life, there should be a solid reason for your choice. Like I have a reason for my choice. Stability, Security, Up2date, Uncompromising and Beautiful(thanks to GUI projects):-)


--Baig 15:14, 4 December 2008 (UTC)