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N''s me

I look so serious but I'm a nice guy.

Real Name: Baptiste Mille-Mathias

Place: Mougins, France


Linux user since 2000/2001, I started to have a real experience at work, then grown up a Linux sysadmin.

Contributor of GNOME since 2002, you can see my profile here and probably more if you search on Google.

I used to use Ubuntu since first private Beta back in fall 2004 (when it was still the no-name-yet project), so I have some background in debian based Distribution.
I used to package GNOME Desktop related application and bluetooth stuff.

I like when work is done upstream rather than upstream (and behind close doors) that why I prefer using Fedora or Debian these days.


Not that much currently, I'm just a user these days, however I'm trying to get into packaging.